Red Barrels, Developers of Outlast, Uncover Shocking Footage from Mount Massive Asylum

30/08/2013 01:28

MONTREAL – Oct. 31, 2012 – Red Barrels today revealed shocking footage of the happenings within Mount Massive Asylum, a facility owned by the Murkof Corporation, sent to them by veteran journalist Miles Upshur. Upshur’s accompanying message has been published in its entirety below, the video itself can be viewed. 
The footage, sent by an anonymous source, was accompanied by a message from the investigative reporter who captured the video, Miles Upshur. His note has been published in its entirety below, and the footage itself can be viewed here
Red Barrels strongly encourages the viewing of this video, although many may find it terrifying to view.

Message from Miles Upshur, Investigative Reporter:
I’m risking my life stopping to write this, but the world has to know what I’ve found.
I am currently inside Mount Massive, a supposedly abandoned asylum in Colorado, and I’ve stumbled across an atrocity I can’t put into words. The Murkof Corporation is in the middle of creating something unthinkable here—a malevolence that humanity has yet to experience. I fear for my life, and for mankind, because of what I’m witnessing.
Video of everything I’ve seen so far can be found on this tape. I need to find my way out of this complex, but fortunately I have what I need to capture more footage in the meantime… as long as my camera power lasts, at least.
If you find this note, please spread this video and share the truth. They must be stopped.
-Miles Upshur